Antebellum Abolitionist Movement

Date: Early 1830s

  • The American Colonization Society - wanted to send blacks back to Africa - Liberia was founded for this purpose.
  • Britain had freed slaves in West Indies.
  • Theodore Dwight Weld - spoke against slavery -travelled through Old Northwest preaching, wrote a pamphlet that influenced Harriet Beechar Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin. He was a gradualist.
  • William Lloyd Garrison - antislavery newspaper The Liberator. Founded American Anti-Slavery Society.
  • Black abolitionists: Frederick Douglass (wrote the North Star, escaped slave), David Walker, Sojourner Truth, Martin Delaney.
  • Liberty party in 1840, Free Soil party in 1848, and Republican party in 1850s.
  • Significance: Split the union, led to civil war. Created strong opposition to slavery, and the South.