Election of 1860

Date: 1860

  • The election of 1860 was super important, because the outcome would determine if there would be peace in America, or Civil War.
  • Democrats split. Northern Democrats nominated Douglas. His platform was for popular sovereignty and (for the South), against obstruction of the Fugitive Slave Law by the states.
  • Southern Democrats nominated John C. Breckinridge. Favored the extension of slavery into the territories and the annexation of Cuba.
  • Constitutional Union party was formed (middle-of-the-road group, "Do Nothings" or "Old Gentleman's party." Former Whigs and Know-Nothings. Nominated John Bell. Promoted the Union, the Constitution, and the Enforcement of Laws.
  • Seward was the best Republican contender, but he had made too many enemies. Lincoln was a stronger candidate because he had fewer enemies. Republican party appealed to all non-southerners! For free-soilers, nonextension of slavery. For northern manufacturers, a protective tariff. For immigrants, no abridgment of rights. For the Northwest, a transcontinental railroad. For the West, internal improvements at federal expense. For farmers, free homesteads.
  • The election of 1860 was pretty much two elections: one in the North and one in the south. Lincoln won. This gave South Carolina an excuse to secede.
  • South Carolina met at Charleston and decided to secede. Soon became 7 seceding states (and later 11). The first 7 met at Montgomery, Alabama in 1861 - created Confederate States of America.

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