Monroe Doctrine

Date: 1823
  • During the "Era of Good Feelings," under Monroe, there was a threat of monarchy in America. The Tsar of Russia even claimed land down to California.
  • In 1823, George Canning, British foreign secretary wanted US to join with Britain and give up interest in acquiring Latin American territory. Quincy Adams found alliance with Britain would hamper American expansion and it was unnecessary.
  • In 1823, the Monroe Doctrine was born (spurred from nationalistic Adams' thinking). Incorporated a strong warning to European powers. Enforced noncolonization and nonintervention.
  • Monarchs of Europe were angered by Monroe's doctrine
  • It was really a “self-defense” doctrine – concerned with security of the US and not Latin America.
  • The Doctrine was only as big as our nation's armed forces.
  • Significance: The US was trying to get European powers out of the Western hemisphere for good. Would be referred to in the future.

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