Election of 1876

  • Grant wanted to run for a 3rd term (what a weirdo), but the House voted against it "two-term tradition."
  • Candidates. Democrat: Samuel Tilden (civil service reformer, former attorney general of NY (bagged Tweed). Republican: Rutherford Hayes (moderate).
  • Issues: Civil service reform, removal of troops in the South.
  • Vote: Tilden won popular vote and electoral votes BUT 2o electoral votes hadn't been counted (Louisiana, South Carolina, Florida, part of Oregon).
  • Legislative Branch passed Electoral Count Act 1877 - established a 15-man commission (7 Democrats and 8 Republicans). They were supposed to examine the documents and decide who should get votes. Democrats thought Tilden should get all votes, Republicans thought Hayes should get all votes. Since there were more Republicans, Hayes won.
  • As a concession to Democrats, the Compromise of 1877: For Hayes to take office, last Union troops had to be removed from the South. Hayes also agreed to put Democrats in cabinet. And Republicans said they'd make a transcontinental railroad through Texas.
  • Republican party quietly abandoned commitment to racial equality.
  • Hayes elected and last soldiers removed.

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