Final Exam - Topic #4

a. Analyze, compare and contrast WWI and WWII home front issues and controversies.

WWI: Draft (socialists were against it cause it violated the 13th amendment - Schenck case)
War Bonds (loands/borrowed money/Liberty bonds). War Industries Board (Bernard Baruch). The Food Administration (Herbert Hoover). Committee on Public Information [propaganda] (George Creel). Limitations on Civil Liberties (habeus corpus, Espionage Act, Sedition Act, censorship). National War Labor Board (Taft). Great Migration (black people went North). Women (wanted suffrage, some of them backed the war, some didn't).

WWII: Women (SPARs, WAVES, WAACs). War Production Board. OPA (rations on meat and butter). War Labor Board (cielings for wage increases). Peacetime draft first, then reg draft.

b. Analyze, compare and contrast WWI and WWII post-war societies.

WWI: Red scare, urbanization, labor, standard of living, sexual revolution (Margaret Sanger, flappers), African American great migration north (Harlem Renaissance), Mexican immigration, religion (Scopes trial), radio (pop culture), KKK, immigration restrictions, prohibiiton, science and invention. Great economy.
WWII: GI Bill (education and money to VA for loans to Veterans). BABY BOOM!!!!!! Consumer boom. The economy was great! Civil Rights, CIA, Joint Chiefs of Staff. Nuclear weapons! Cold War started.