Know for DBQ

  • Hoover's Policies to Great Depression vs. FDR's New Deal
  • How radical was the New Deal? TAKE AN OPINION!! Too liberal? Too conservative? Positives? Negatives? You should be able to answer something in each of these four categories. Also, be able to back up your opinion with facts. AND renounce it slightly to make it more believable. ex. The New Deal was extremely radical and involved excessive government control over the economy, but during the uncertain times of the Depression, the extreme amount of welfare was necessary.
  • The Collapse of Rugged Individualism - did the New Deal make people too dependent on the government? A bad case of the "gimmies"?
  • Was the New Deal halting businesses from succeeding...and in turn from people getting jobs?
  • The Depression social!!! What happened to the people? Conditions of living? Migrations (Dust Bowl victims)?
  • Demagogues - who were they? what did they believe in? how did they gain followers? how were they stopped?
  • The New Deal did not end the Depression. So what did it do?