Labor Unions (11/3 Lecture Notes)

  • With industrialization came the need for labor unions. National Labor Union (1866) (Colored National Labor Union also developed). -> 8-hour workday.
  • Knights of Labor (1869) - Started as a secret society. Led by Terence Powderly. Welcomed everyone: skilled, unskilled workers, women, blacks, immigrants, socialists, and anarchists. Campaigned for safety and health codes, producer's cooperatives. Haymarket Riot 1886 - Chicago - Labor protests, police came, some anarchist dropped a bomb, Knights were blamed.
  • American Federation of Labor (1886) - Samuel Gompers (believed in Capitalism!). Made up of preexisting smaller labor unions of SKILLED workers. They demanded a fairer share for labor, sought better wages, hours, and working conditions. Used stuff like boycott. They were cool.

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